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Trotter It

Ideation and implementation of idea :- Raghvendra is a client from India who loves to travel. He frequently embarks on trips to various countries and enjoys halting at specific locations to take pictures of the tranquillity and love of nature. His strong desire to travel to new places is the backbone of this notion. His idea of developing a platform where travellers could "create a travel journal, share material, and interact with other travellers" is what intrigued him to Algoseed Labs. Their goal is to create a platform that facilitates travel and serves as a connecting platform for individuals who are travelholic.



Wescoop:- In the age of digital communication, social messaging platforms have become integral to daily interactions, connecting individuals across the globe. The thought of an online platform for communication gave the birth to the idea of developing Wescoop. Wescoop is a social media platform founded in “Belgium” that was created in response to the demand for global interaction ease. This idea delves into the development, implementation, and impact of a social messaging platform aimed at fostering community engagement and collaboration. Algoseed helps them create a user-friendly social messaging platform that facilitates seamless communication and interaction to ensure privacy, security, and user safety within the platform.

Wise Assistant

In today's fast-paced and information-driven world, the demand for efficient and intelligent assistance has never been higher. Wise Assistant, a virtual assistant developed by the Algoseed Labs, after understanding the requirement of the US based client. Algoseed labs provided them a comprehensive and intuitive solution for that connects businesses with influencers in their community for marketing campaigns to drive awareness and sales. Wise Assistant automates finding influencers, negotiating rates, scheduling in-store visits, capturing content, and reporting on content performance. The platform connects business owners and pre-vetted freelancers with specialized marketing skills across campaign management, event planning, advertising, email marketing, and more for complex campaigns.


Purrnelope's Country Club

In recent years, block chain technology has emerged as a disruptive force with the potential to revolutionize various industries and create entirely new ecosystems. A block chain-based ecosystem is a decentralized network of interconnected participants that utilize block chain technology to facilitate transactions, share data, and collaborate in a trust less and transparent manner. With the same thought, a UK-based client brings the idea of Purrnelope's Country Club to facilitate their sales and monitor participant engagement within a block chain-based ecosystem. a digital space that combines elements of NFT (Non-Fungible Token) culture with a community-oriented platform.